A Rose By Any Other Name

DIPTYQUE solid perfume & candle

I have two scents I’m drawn to that are on opposite ends of the spectrum: deep florals and androgynous musks. Like I said… complete opposites. I’ll get into the musky, manly scents another time, but today is for the florals. Specifically, rose scents. And no one does roses better than Diptyque.

I’m obsessed with both their Roses candle and their Eau Rose solid perfume. Each scent has it’s slight difference from the other, but both have full floral notes with a hint of musk – the best of both worlds in my opinion. They’re subtle, unmistakeable, and pair well with the lights dim and a glass of red. But really, smudge some of this perfume below your ear, light this candle, and feel those Parisienne vibes.

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