It’s a given. Everyone wants clear, healthy skin. But how you go about getting it is everything. I was the teenage girl like any other – with acne I was desperate to get rid of. I used any and every product I could get my hands on. Then, I realized something: How could my skin ever recover if it’s covered with chemical after chemical after chemical? I needed a new solution, a healthy solution. I started from scratch, and threw away every skincare product I owned. I went natural, and my skin rewarded me for it.

Then, life happened. Its stress and constant happenings told me that I don’t have time for skincare in my 20s. With my ever-growing, crazy schedule, I knew I needed a change for this new year. BioClarity gave me the solution. Their 3-step system has everything I need, morning and night.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

1. The Cleanser: The gentle cleanser is made with green tea to detoxify, chamomile to calm, and cucumber to cool.

2. The Treatment: The second step features kernel to soothe and nourish while salicylic acid works as a powerful acne fighter.

3. The Restore Gel: This step, a bright green gel that rubs into skin, is made with Floralux from chlorophyll to fight redness and irritation while licorice root invigorates the skin.

Each step works with the next to not only keep my skin clear, but to keep it moisturized and calm. In other words, it creates the perfect balance with no strange chemicals necessary. To seal the deal, the line is cruelty free, 100% vegan, and naturally derived. After using the system for 3 weeks, I can definitely see a reduction in redness and my breakouts are few and far between. I’m hoping that continued use will reduce the size of my pores and help with my overall complexion. Here’s to a new year, and new skin!

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This post is brought to you by BioClarity and Her Campus Media.

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