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You’re out at brunch and the bottomless mimosas are flowing. Two orders of avocado toast in, and it’s time to get home for that much needed, post-brunch Sunday nap. Here’s the tricky part: The check was just dropped and everyone only has their card. This happens far too often in our age of technology and mobile banking, and transferring money between friends and family is always a hassle with hidden fees. Or is it? With the Circle, a social payment app, you can instantly and securely send money to anyone using their email or phone number – no strings attached. The process is super easy: you take a pic of your debit card in the app or enter your account information to either send money or cash out.

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My boyfriend and I have been using Circle to get each other back for little things like a coffee or a juice here and there. I can easily transfer him $5 in line at Starbucks before we even order. I love that I’m able to send him money and customize it with a little note that only he can see. I’ve used apps in the past that show everyone in your contacts who’s sending money to who and why – and I never understood the point of that. On the Circle app, that’s not an automatic setting. It’s up to you who sees your activity.

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And speaking of those little notes attached to a payment, another plus is that you can choose from cute and funny gifs or take a picture to send with the money, too. Michael and I compete to see who can send the most appropriately funny gif for a payback scenario (and let’s be real, I usually win.)  When I’m caught without cash, Circle has made everything with that situation so much more convenient. Download it today and try it out!

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P.S. – Be sure to go to Settings after you download and enter the promo code ‘SB2016’ under Promotions for a chance to win $1,000 toward your Spring Break!

This post is brought to you by Circle and Her Campus Media.  All words and opinions are my own.

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