Dressing Up Casual

GRLFRND jeans | BY THE WAY. booties (similar) | ELIZABETH AND JAMES sunglasses

I’m lucky to be from California. While, no, it’s not as laid back here as everyone thinks, the OC and LA lifestyles definitely don’t call for dressing up daily. I also have a non-office job, so I’m able to wear everything from denim to tees to something nicer if I’m feeling it that day. Basically, I’m able to get away with wearing what I want. More often than not, that translates into a casual look like this.

The catch? I would probably dress nicer if it was required. I often fall into a rut of recycling outfits and throwing on tees day after day, then wondering why I don’t feel my best.

Because of this, I have two super simple rules that I make myself stick to:

Dress nice even if you don’t feel like it. It just takes talking yourself into it. I definitely understand waking up and not feeling it. But, if you take a few extra minutes and put in the effort to dress well, you’ll FEEL well.

If you REALLY don’t feel like it, pick at least one style piece that’s interesting. A jacket, statement shoes, earrings. Hell, even just a bold lipstick. Make something stand out in your look that takes it to the next level.

So really, casual or not, there’s always a way to stay styled and look put together.

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