Improving Dark Eye Circles


I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes. Genetics, lack of sleep, stress, anxiety…. the world is against me when it comes to keeping my eyes bright. Recently they’ve been so bad due to work and stress, I’ve even considered injections. While that’s not totally out of the question for the future (it’s a money and an “I’m scared” kind of thing), I’ve buckled down and tried to find a more natural solution. These few things have 100% improved my dark circles and have helped me keep the illusion of being awake.

Patchology Eye Gels. Keeping my under eyes hydrated with these little masks has helped to reduce puffiness while adding brightness. I’ll use these when needed, usually at the end of a long day or first thing in the morning, and I’ll see instant results.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask. Ok, so, I felt ridiculous the first time I used this. I mean, who do I think I am?! But, after setting aside the initial boujee feeling, I feel in love. Using a silk sleep mask stops the pulling of the delicate skin around the eyes while you sleep – especially if you’re an insane toss-and-turn sleeper like I am.

Bobbi Brown Concealer. When all else fails, conceal. This one doesn’t have any crazy reflectors like some other ones, but brightens and covers just as effectively. The result is a natural finish that always lasts through the day.

WATER. Drink. Lots. Of. Water. Like I said with the eye masks: hydrating is the #1 way to combat sleepy eyes. I know you’ve heard it a million times, but water cures everything. Do it.

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