JanSport x Disney

Two things that evoke major nostalgia: JanSport backpacks and anything Disney. So, when JanSport reached out and offered to send me a backpack from their new Disney collaboration, the inner pre-teen in me couldn’t hide her excitement. I mean, just look at this print! It’s old-school Disney at it’s finest, with all the classic characters represented. Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and (my favorite) Pluto, all sprawled against a recognizably royal blue backdrop – I can’t get enough. By the way, when I said the pre-teen in me, I meant the current me. Let’s be real.

Sign up for the pre-release to shop the collection tomorrow before anyone else. If you didn’t read this in time, don’t worry! The collab launches to the public on June 1st – so get on it.

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