Marc Jacobs Fragrances


Nothing can be more sentimental than a scent. Your childhood books, your old leather baseball glove, your mom’s perfume… even the most subtle smells can transport you. Your nose is like a little time capsule, waiting to catch a hint of the well-known to take you back to days past. While that may sound slightly dramatic – it’s true – and that’s why picking a fragrance is a bigger decision than you think. Maybe it’s just a crush, maybe it’s the nostalgia, but I will always love Marc Jacob’s Fragrances. Eau So Fresh was the first perfume that Mike ever bought me. While I’ve expanded my collection to include a few of the Daisy variations, it will always be my favorite. The scent brings me back to the golden days of where our relationship began. And that’s exactly what a smell should do. It’s a little reminder of the best days, of the worst days, of a period in your life that your nose will never let you forget. So don’t take perfume picking lightly. Take your time, because it defines yours.

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