My Favorite Metallic Nail Polish

OPI Sweet Carmel Sunday. This was a color I couldn’t take off this past summer. It’s a rose gold toned neutral that goes so well with a tan. With a brassy, copper hue, I’ll be wearing this well into fall, too.

OPI Glow The Extra Mile. An updated take on your standard gold, this shade has hints of holographic shimmer. If you’re looking to make your Kira Kira vid go crazy, this is the pick for you.

OPI Don’t Take Yosemite For GraniteThis one’s for those of you transitioning into this trend. It’s much more subtle than the others listed here, yet still packs a glimmering punch. There’s a slight purple-y hint to this gray toned metallic that is perfect for the colder months ahead.

OPI Silver On IceThis stand-out metallic shade was made for winter. It’s high-shine yet goes with anything and everything. Ice Princess status: achieved.

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