Refining My Life

STEVE MADDEN loafers | ELLEN & JAMES bag | RAY-BAN sunglasses

I’m on a mission to detox my life. I don’t know what did it, but something in me is calling for a change. I want to get back to my roots and live a simple, easy, clutter-free life. And, damnit, I’m going to do it.

Obviously, I’ve recently been into the idea of clarity. Maybe it’s the meditation, maybe it’s my always-present love of all things French, but somewhere at the intersection of changing thoughts and the want for something more, something had to give. I’m ready to purge everything negative, everything unnecessary, and everything holding me back.

I’ve cleaned out my closet and gotten rid of anything I haven’t worn or anything that’s of low quality. I’ve cleared off counters and shelves in my space, and stuck to showcasing only the things that bring me happiness. I’ve spent the money necessary to update the old and bring in the new.

I’ve begun to read and write and breathe again – little things that have helped to clear out the clutter in my mind. I’m open and ready for what the future brings, and cannot wait to step into it with a fresh point of view.

Like I said, I’m going to do it. It’s taken me a long, long time to find comfort in myself and in my space around me. Now that I know what I want, I’m going to go after it with a clean slate, and a clean way of life.

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