Spindrift Rosé Spritzer

If you know me, you know I’m a huge lover of wine. During the summer months, my default is a good, chilled rosé… but what if I’m in the mood for something different?

Enter this Spindrift Rosé Spritzer I dreamed up while in one of those moods. Not only is it refreshing, it’s a spin on a classic rosé spritzer that adds a little flavor, a bit of carbonation, and it’s never too sweet – just how I like my cocktails.

Before I get into the (super quick and easy) recipe, I wanted to go over why I chose to use Spindrift instead of a different sparkling water. Reason one: the taste. Like I mentioned before, the Spindrift flavors are subtle and don’t overwhelm the wine. For this cocktail, I chose to use the Raspberry Lime – but there’s also a few other flavors I would pair with this recipe. (Check out the other flavors here and find a place to buy them here.) Reason two: adding a hint of healthy. Spindrift is the only sparkling water made in the US with real fruit. Just sparkling water and squeezed fruit. That means no artificial flavors to mess up the finished result – just a genuine taste that pairs perfectly with rosé. So, when it came to deciding between a sugar-packed product or one that I didn’t have to feel guilty about (leave that to the wine…), I went with the latter.

With that, let’s get into the fun stuff: how to make this must-have poolside drink.

A Can of Raspberry Lime Spindrift
Louis Jadot Rosé (Or Your Favorite Bottle)
Wedges of Fresh Lime
Round Slices of Lime for Garnish (Optional)

Pour 6 oz of rosé
Add in 3 oz of Spindrift
Top with a squeeze of fresh lime, stir lightly, and add ice
Place a lime slice on the rim of the glass

Annnd you’re done! I wasn’t kidding when I said this was quick and easy. Not only does it look pretty, this recipe is simple to put together while hosting a summer BBQ… or to throw together for you and your bestie. Let’s be real: who am I to judge?


This post is brought to you by Spindrift and Her Campus Media.

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