The Story Behind My Gold Bangles

Needless to say, many woman love jewelry. They love having a special piece that makes them feel special when they put it on. Now, take that love of jewelry and pair it with family history – a close to the heart story. That can turn a piece of jewelry into an heirloom.

One day, my mother-in-law told me about some jewelry that she owned that she wanted to pass on to me. She told me of how Michael’s paternal grandfather, his family being from Lebanon originally, traveled there and brought home six gold bangles for Michael’s grandmother. She put them on, and they never came off. She wore them through everything, and eventually wore them as she gave birth to Michael’s dad. Fast forward to his dad being with my now mother-in-law, and those bangles changed wrists. My mother-in-law, in turn, wore them through thick and thin. And, as it goes, she wore them as she gave birth to Michael, and then his brother Matt.

There came a time when Michael’s parents separated, and my mother-in-law stored the bangles away. And then, Michael brought them home to me one day. They’re now on my wrist, and maybe one day I’ll give birth to our children while wearing them. I’m so honored to be able to carry these with me, wearing them through everything life throws my way, never taking them off.

It’s crazy to me how little pieces of someone’s life can carry through time and touch another’s life. I can’t explain the feeling of being included in a tradition that started before I was even born. It’s funny how these little pieces of history find their way of sticking around through it all, and come out the other end more and more beautiful with a story to tell.

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