Vintage-Inspired Pendant Lighting

I’m a sucker for a great pendant light. Pair that with a vintage-inspired aesthetic, and I’m hooked. Whether it be an industrial or a mid-century modern design, hanging a few of these fixtures can transform a space. My personal favorites are made from milk glass. These aren’t as popular, so I could only find one pic (scroll down) that incorporated that style into a space. They have a soft yet sharp look that can be worked into almost any interior. After that, a clean, industrial shape in either a plain or coated metal takes second place in my mind. Styled with bright marble and subway tile or reclaimed wood with darker tones, any of these glass or metal fixtures give a room added character and a hint of old-time feel.

Browse through the inspo below to see how to incorporate the look into your space!

Shop a few vintage-inspired styles I found online:

Images via Google

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