Wine of the Month:
Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc


I’ll say it forever: I’m a red wine girl. I’m one to choose a red over a white any day. But, even I will admit that sometimes a white wine is the perfect end to a long day. On those rare occasions where I reach for a lighter varietal, it’s Kim Crawford’s Sauvignon Blanc more often than not.

This white is crisp, clear, and doesn’t have an overly oak-y finish (the thing that usually puts me off when it comes to white wines). It goes down easily – just ask my friend Alex after one of our two-bottle wine nights – and pairs with actually anything since it doesn’t overpower the palette. Another plus? It’s extremely reasonable in price. If you haven’t noticed from my other WOTM posts so far, I usually stick around a $20 price point. It’s the perfect, don’t-feel-guilty amount.

So, next time you’re in the mood for a white, or if you’re always in the mood, this sauvignon blanc is the one to try next. Go grab a bottle (or two).


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