Wine of the Month: Meiomi Pinot Noir


It’s no doubt summer days bring out my true love of rosé, but pinot noir holds my heart year round. A red on the lighter side is my favorite thing to uncork after a long day. Like the Louis Jadot, the Meiomi Pinot Noir is one that we grab more often than not.

Unlike the other pinot I’ve featured, which is strongly fruit-forward, the Meiomi is that… and more. There’s no denying the hints of jam-like blackberry, strawberry, and cherry notes when this first hits your palette. But there’s also no denying a depth of flavor that’s attributed to a toasty mocha, vanilla, and even tobacco-like warmth in the aftertaste. The overall structure can also be credited to aging the wine in 100% French oak barrels, giving it dimension while maintaining a finish on the sweeter side. Yet, that sweetness isn’t overwhelming (a deal breaker for me) because the acid levels in this bottle are so low. All in all, the wine’s taste and velvety texture remain one of my favorites – and the super affordable price makes it that much better.


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