Wine of the Month: Pink Party Rosé


Chilled, pink, and sparkling – just how I like it. September’s Wine of the Month, Swish‘s Pink Party Rosé with Bubbles, proves that it can be rosé season all year long. While I would usually opt for a champagne or prosecco if I was in a bubbly mood, a sparkling rosé is the perfect choice for something different.

As far as flavor, this one in particular starts off with a crisp tang. That initial brightness is followed by a sweet, melon-y taste that’s not overwhelming due to the slight carbonation. As I drank a glass, I let it sit for a little too long and realized that it’s best when the wine is fully chilled. I dropped in an ice cube to get back the flavor it had from the start.

All in all, the medium-bodied, not-too-heavy, not-too-light texture is perfect to pop open after a long day of work or on an afternoon off. Pair with a brie and prosciutto appetizer or a smoked salmon entree and you’ll be set.


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