A Neutral Love Affair

Wearing: HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 sweater
GRLFRND jeans | RAYE booties | BRIXTON beret

While I’ve been WAY more open to exploring color the past few months, there’s nothing like sticking to neutrals. Black, white, beige, tan, denim… it’s just how I live. While this used to be a defense mechanism to try and not stand out, I’ve realized my motivations have changed. It’s about feeling good in what I’m wearing – and I feel best in a classically cool color scheme. End of story.

(Side note: I’ve learned that you CAN stand out in neutrals – something I’m only recently getting used to. Enter monochromatic looks like this one, where I’ve dressed up a basic turtleneck with patent white booties and a cream colored beret. Simple, but not.)

So, yes, you’ll be seeing some primary colors spotting my wardrobe as of late. I even shot an almost FULL yellow look a couple weeks back (coming soon). But, when it comes to my day-to-day dressing, I reach for neutrals more often than not. This has lead Mike to ask things like, “Don’t you already HAVE a black sweater JUST LIKE THAT?!” as I pick up a new one to buy. And the answer will always be no, I just know what I like.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this: don’t feel bad about what makes you feel good. If you have a color palette you love, that you’re always comfortable in, stick to it. If you’re having an extra confident day and want to buy that red sweater, do it. If you’re all about all black, wear the shit out of that all black closet. And never, ever, ever apologize for it. Style is so extremely personal. Dress in what you love, and you’ll get that love right back.

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