Looking Forward to 2018

It’s that time again – time to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new. I’m not one for resolutions or the whole “New Year, New Me” thing. If you ask me, a resolution is just an excuse to pretend like you’re going to change your whole lifestyle just because the calendar has turned. If it’s a shift in how you live, shouldn’t a “resolution” instead be a commitment to making that change whenever it’s needed? Maybe I’m pessimistic about the whole thing since I never – and no one ever – sticks to that resolve. So, here I am, reflecting on 2017, looking forward to 2018, and shuffling the good and the bad into those broad categories. No resolutions necessary.

2017 was…. a weird year. It feels like everyone thinks so, at least. Without getting into the insane politics and backward social policies that enveloped the last set of 365 days (don’t get me started), SO much happened in my personal and professional life. The most memorable and amazing things, hands down, were getting married to my best friend and going on our honeymoon in Cancun. I also watched my sister get married, met so many new people, reconnected with old friends, and made some invaluable work connections.

So, yes, 2017 was an amazing year. But, I also made some ridiculous mistakes and learned a lot about myself that needs to change. That’s why I cannot help but look forward to and be excited for 2018. Like I said, some incredible things happened, but I also realized how unhealthy my state of mind has been. Toward the end of the year, I made some extreme adjustments to get my chronic anxiety, stress, and depression fully under control. While it’s still a work in progress, and I made some extremely terrible professional choices because of these things, I’m hopeful for my continuing personal evolution this new year. I’ve finally accepted help that I’ve needed for years, I’ve started to meditate and focus my mind on the positive, and I’m working on getting a life routine going that helps – not hurts. These changes include goals like becoming a morning person (which will probably be the most difficult), getting into a strong routine of fitness and eating right, and focusing on my new marriage to strengthen the foundation of my relationship. I know that all of these things will benefit me in the long run and make my life, and myself, better.

So, as I start this new year, I’m avoiding resolutions and putting a focus on changing my overall lifestyle. I know this will be a struggle, but it’s one that I’m willing to take on to become the best version of myself. I’m going to take these steps to better myself so I can BE better in my life, in my career, and to everyone around me.

Here’s to figuring shit out in 2018!!!

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