My Clothing Rack

I’ve wanted a clothing rack forever. We’ve all seen those Instagram inspo pics with the perfect little rack set up, bags and shoes laid out, ready for styling. My one problem? Space. Our little one bedroom apartment can only fit so much. But, space was also a good excuse to make a clothing rack work. For some reason that I can’t even talk about (ugh), Michael has the bigger closet between us. For real, don’t get me started. No matter my feelings on that, when my mother-in-law got me this rack for Christmas, I was determined to make it work. We re-arranged, moved things around, and fit my new baby into this perfect spot in the corner of our bedroom.

Not only do I now have more space for my clothes, the rack has become a style centerpiece in our space. I keep it color coordinated, hang my hats and bags on it, and lay out my shoes for each day in the opening at the bottom. While ours is classic, retail industrial, there’s SO many options of other styles that will be sure to work with your interior if you’re thinking of getting one. Not only do I feel extra organized, this is also a great way to display my new pieces and show off the color palette I’m into at the moment.

Now if only I could have this rack AND the bigger closet. Stupid Michael.

Some options I found online:

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