Shaking Up My Makeup Routine


When it comes to makeup, I’m not usually one to step too far outside of my comfort zone. I’m all about a natural, lived-in look that’s effortless to apply and wear throughout the day. That being said, it’s also pretty easy to get bored of my same old routine. I had to break the cycle and do something new – and essence‘s Metal Shock Lipstick and Volume Stylist Mascara helped me do just that.

While this lipstick comes in a variety of high-shine, highly pigmented shades, this purple was the perfect balance between something I would normally wear and something that’s brand new to me. The metallic sheen of the color (this one’s called Purple Pistol) stretched my makeup routine and was perfect for date night out and about. I paired the lip with bold lashes courtesy of multiple layers of the Volume Stylist Mascara (an easy way to make your eyes pop without going over-the-top). This makeup look stood out while maintaining true to what I would normally wear, which is always important to me. I was able to update my look but still stay true to myself – something that should ring true for all things makeup!

The moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to shake up your makeup routine. Adding in a new, bright shade of lipstick or layering on bold lashes is an easy way to level up your confidence while sticking to what makes you, you.

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