The Importance of Meditation

Let’s be real: turning off your brain is hard. We live in a world where everyone expects everyone to be on and going at all times. Our technological age is about being bombarded with work and content and memes and it’s never ending. While some can thrive in that kind of environment, I’m someone who needs a break from it every so often. I’m so happy I’ve found mediation to help me do just that.

Taking a few minutes to yourself each day is key to living a happier, more focused life. My routine includes a session in the morning to set intentions for the day, and a session at night to turn it off before bed. Since I began regularly meditating, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my lifestyle. Not only am I more self-aware than ever, I’ve also been able to tackle tasks with more focus and meaning. A clear head is the first step to a successful life, and nothing clears your head better than meditation.

For those of you finding it difficult to get into a meditation routine, or for those of your first starting out, here’s some tips and tricks:

INSCAPE. Put that tech savvy mind to use and download INSCAPE. This is one of my favorite finds of 2017 when it comes to my personal wellness. Not only is it designed for those that are always on the go, you can use it on the go – anytime, anywhere. My favorite feature has to be the Moments tab. Here, you’ll find countless guided meditations that are broken up into the time of day or the mood you want to achieve. Think Energetic Morning, Upbeat Afternoon, or Tranquil Evening sessions. Each of these moments is just a few minutes that you can take to yourself to get your mind right before a big event, or just because you’re feeling off. The app also includes longer guided sessions for breath training, sleep, or setting intentions. The only way I’m able to fully unwind into a meditation session is with guided help. It’s something to focus on when your mind wants to drift back to reality. Also included within the app: breathing practice sessions (yes, practicing helps), a digital journal to write meditative thoughts, and a timer to know when to break out of your peaceful state.

Find a quite space. While this is thankfully easier using headphones and the INSCAPE app, finding a quiet corner without distractions is key for someone like me… who’s easily distracted. I can have my eyes shut and still find a way to get pulled from my meditation. A quiet corner dedicated to your well being is the best place to find your inner peace. Mine is a corner of my apartment that’s set up with plush cushions, blankets, and candles.

Avoid artificial light. One of my biggest pet peeves while trying to unwind is a bright, intrusive light bulb in my face. The best way to meditate is with soft, natural lighting or a few candles, depending on the time of day. Harsh lighting will, well, harsh any vibe you try and set for yourself. Flip that light switch off.

Burn incense, palo santo wood, or dried sage. Aromatherapy is seriously powerful. Burn your favorite scent to get into a peaceful mindset. My go-to is palo santo. It’s energetically cleansing and heals the soul – perfect for relieving anxiety, stress, or emotional unease. My second favorite to burn is white sage, which holds many of the same healing properties as palo santo. Find your poison and stock up for your meditation sessions to get the full, focused effect.

Drink hot water with lemon. Not only will this cleanse your system before or after a long day, the warming sensation of a hot drink is extra comforting. The added aromatherapy of the lemon will also help you focus on the importance of shutting out the world around you.

So, are you with me on starting the new year with a better sense of self?! To help me spread my newfound love of meditation, I’ve partnered with INSCAPE on a giveaway for my readers.


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Inscape: Meditation for Today

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This post was sponsored by INSCAPE. All opinions are 100% my own.

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