The Only Beauty Products I Used In Cancun

For me, a tropical vacation means two things: no makeup and moisturize. While away in Cancun on our honeymoon, I wanted to keep things simple yet effective when it came to my routine. I opted to use only a few products:

Patyka Huile Absolue Skin Booster Serum. This is a new holy grail item for me. Not only does is moisturize to the extreme (face and body), it fights my chronic razor burn and helped like crazy with sun burn. I also used it in my hair before and after the ocean and pool to keep my strands hydrated and to protect from chlorine and sun exposure. Yes, yes, and yes.

anese Don’t Be Sorry Be Sexy Hydrating Body & Hair Elixir. This smells amazing and also helps to hydrate skin and hair. This was perfect for those times where I was way too tired from the sun (orrrr from too many mojitos) and couldn’t commit to any serious beauty time. Just spray, hydrate, smell great, and forget it.

OUAI Hair OilA MUST to keep hair in check. I washed my hair WAY too much while on this trip after swimming every day, so this came to my rescue. Blow dry after blow dry after too-lazy-to-blow-dry, this smoothed my hair and made me dinner presentable after those long hours in the sun.

OUAI Wave SprayYep – OUAI seriously came through for me on this trip. If I wasn’t feeling a smoothed out look à la the Hair Oil, I would spritz a few sprays of this, scrunch, and be set. It doesn’t have salt in it like normal wave sprays, so it didn’t contribute to any extra dryness.

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