Two Ways to Layer Sweaters & Dresses

ZAFUL sweater 1 & 2 | dress 1 & 2

It’s a fact: everyone needs a new wardrobe for a new season. Duh. When I went to grab a bunch of new things from ZAFUL (best prices hands down), I had a goal in mind. I was determined to find cute sweaters to layer with cute dresses. Think mixing textures, shades, and proportions to create the perfect tiers. While shopping, I realized a few key things that are necessary to achieve this.

Mix long with short and short with long. When going for that layered look, pair cropped knits with maxi dresses and oversized sweaters with minis. This will ensure the finished product looks proportional yet cool. For my maxi look, I tied the sweater to give it the illusion of a shorter hem.

Monochromatic always wins. Think about tones while buying to layer. I love the look when others mix colors… but I usually settle on a uniform finish. Here, I paired stripes with black and two mustard pieces.

Keep shoes on the simple side. For both of these looks, black boots was the way to go. A sleek finish ensures that the focus is on all that hard work you put into creating the perfect layers. For a hint of variance, I wore black tights with one look and topped off the mostly black look with a pair of crystal earrings.

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