Wine of the Month: 19 Crimes Red Blend


I’m a sucker for packaging. More so, I’m a sucker for a great true crime story. Combine that with my love of wine, and you get 19 Crimes. Seriously though, talk about marketing perfection. My sister was the one who told me about these bottles – knowing I would be instantly intrigued. Each label has a mug shot of an old time criminal, but they do you one better than that if you’re down for a cool story: each cork is numbered with a crime that could have gotten you banished to Australia (the winery’s home base) back in the day. These men and women became founders of that new world. Their site explains it better:

“Nineteen crimes turned criminals into colonists. Upon conviction British rogues guilty of a least one of the 19 crimes were sentenced to live in Australia, rather than death. This punishment by “transportation” began in 1783 and many of the lawless died at sea. For the rough-hewn prisoners who made it to shore, a new world awaited. As pioneers in a frontier penal colony, they forged a new country and new lives, brick by brick. This wine celebrates the rules they broke and the culture they built.”

And to make it even cooler? Download the app and use the camera feature to watch the labels come alive. Needless to say, I’m hooked on this whole idea. Like I said: marketing. perfection.

As for the actual wine, it’s an added bonus that it’s insanely¬†affordable and perfect to uncork on a casual night at home. Orrr to bring as a party trick with a little help from that app I mentioned. The winery produces a few varietals, but I grabbed the Red Wine to try first. It’s on the fuller side for my taste, but is smooth going down with heavy tannins that count toward a dry finish. If you lean more toward Cabs than Pinots, you’ll love this blend.

Next time I’m at the store (Trader Joes carries a bunch of these wines), I’ll have to grab a different bottle to read another crime. For real, they got me with this one.


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