Wine of the Month:
Family Time is Hard Pinot Grigio


Does this one even have to be explained? From a marketing, meaning, and packaging perspective: no, no, and no. Spending time with family can most definitely be hard. Drinking this wine to make the holidays a liiiittle bit better for everyone? Easy. That’s why the Family Time is Hard Pinot Grigio is December’s Wine of the Month.

Ok, so I actually LOVE spending time with my family. The holidays are always so much fun, and, for the most part, things go off without a hitch. My family also loves wine, making this bottle a hilarious thing to pull out from behind your back as you walk through the door. So, it’s actually great even if you’re part of the rare few that get along with your family. And what makes it even better? A great taste that goes well with mostly every hors d’oeuvre, entrĂ©e, or dessert. This medium-bodied white is one everyone can agree on – maybe a first for some families out there.

To sum it up: It’s light, it’s crisp, it’s not so heavy that your aunt ends up slurring on the couch. Just kidding, that was me on Christmas Eve. Sorry, but for sure not sorry.


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