Winter Lip Rescue


Obviously, everyone’s skin suffers a little more in cold weather… But my lips act like they’re going to die a slow death and fall off of my face. Not even being dramatic. Here’s what do I do to give them the extra moisture they need once fall hits.

Patchology Lip Gels. These are little baby lip savers. Each glittery patch packs the moisture in to give lips the hydration boost they need. I use one every few days, and up that schedule if my lips are extra chapped or sun burned.

Kopari Lip Love. But really, L-O-V-E. I would consider this one of my ultimate beauty finds of 2017. Like I said, my lips are chronically dry. This balm is the only one I’ve ever used that fixes the problem – not just masks it.

Hydrate. Yeah, yeah, I know. Just do it.

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